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  • Brighten Up | Bring A Candle Into Your Space

    Brighten Up | Bring A Candle Into Your Space

    Who does not love a good candle!? I know some who have a closet full of candles and keep buying more. Some who save candles for special occasions or a...

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  • Free Gift With Purchase!

    Free Gift With Purchase!

    Kari Gran Skincare believes in healthy skin. Their products are made with natural, oil-based ingredients that focus on health and hydration. Kari Gran is dedicated to giving our skin the nourishment...

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  • Just the Essentials

    Just the Essentials

    Keep it simple this winter season with a beautiful tinted moisturizer, a nourishing lip balm and the perfect scent!  Velo, by Ayuna, evens out your skin tone while protecting your...

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  • About Us & Updated Hours

    About Us & Updated Hours

    Ottilia is a home goods and apothecary shop located in downtown Arlington Heights, Illinois. The shop is dedicated to curating products for your skin that use naturally-derived (using green chemistry),...

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  • LINNÉ Botanicals

    LINNÉ Botanicals

    I am thrilled to share this beautiful new-to-the-store brand, LINNÉ. LINNÉ is an ethically crafted skincare line formulated exclusively from superlatively sourced plants and minerals. Each product is made in...

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  • Find Your Balance

    Find Your Balance

    Whoosh! The holiday season flew by and suddenly we find ourselves in 2023. Let’s celebrate the new year by slowing down, finding balance and nourishment.  Join us Sunday, January 22nd...

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  • C & The Moon

    C & The Moon

    C & The Moon was founded on the belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on how we care for our planet.  Founder Carson Meyer...

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  • Support Your Skin

    Support Your Skin

    These colder temperatures may contribute to changes in our skin! To better support your skin this season, consider one of these ideas - add a face mist to your routine,...

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  • Save the Date!

    Save the Date!

    Let’s Celebrate the Holiday Season!  Joe + Dough is a husband and wife team serving up fresh coffee, hot chocolate and mini donuts. They will be selling these treats outside...

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  • Scratchboard Kitchen x Ottilia

    Scratchboard Kitchen x Ottilia

    Celebrate the holiday season December 1st from 9-11A with brunch by Scratchboard Kitchen at Ottilia! The menu will feature avocado toast, lox toast, caramel collagen coffee, fresh juice and mimosas!...

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  • Notorious RBG Original | Proceeds Benefit ACLU

    Notorious RBG Original | Proceeds Benefit ACLU

    “Allow this piece to inspire you to carry on the legacy of a transformative woman who transcended divides and changed the world forever. Notorious RBG is a legendary inter-generational icon...

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  • Let’s Prioritize What Feels Good

    Let’s Prioritize What Feels Good

    Autumn asks us to simplify and honor what truly nourishes us. What makes you feel truly nourished? Is it a walk with a friend? A hydrating face mask? A warm...

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