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Aura Mini Bundles

Aura Mini Bundles

The Cleanse and Nourish bundle includes Inner Balance Restorative Powder and Coconut Marine Collagen. These two supplements combine to help you regulate your cortisol levels and stay resilient. Inner Balance Restorative Powder is filled with hearty greens and is a great way to start detoxifying your body and restoring balance. The powder is naturally flavored with pineapple and mango and is made with 85% organic ingredients. Take 1-2 teaspoons daily with your beverage of choice. (Please note that probiotics do not do well in heated beverages!) Lean into taking two teaspoons if you are looking for a cleansing effect or if you experience low energy. 

The Clarity Bundle includes Inner Focus Restorative Powder and Passionfruit Marine Collagen so you can enjoy tropical flavors while you support your mind. Inner Focus is filled with organic ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, Lucuma and Papaya. It is a great way to calm nervousness, reduce stress/anxiety and promote healthy nerve growth. For daily use, mix one teaspoon with a cold beverage of choice. 

Both Coconut and Passionfruit Marine Collagen contain special amino acids and Vitamin C to support skin hydration, promote thicker hair, strong nail growth and to help your joints. Marine collagen has higher bioavailability than that of bovine and it means that your body absorbs the nutrients easier. It is also made from organic, ethical and sustainable sources and is wild-caught marine collagen made in Canada. All you need is two teaspoons a day to mix with a beverage of your choice or take straight. If you would like to see faster results, such as if your hair is thinning or your joints are hurting, you can take up to four teaspoons a day. Consider mixing both your restorative powder and collagen into your favorite drink! 

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