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Ayuna Less is Beauty

Ayuna Less is Beauty

The best beauty routine is achieved when you feel the beauty and sacredness in all that you use. It does not mean more, it means cherishing the essentials. Ayuna is dedicated to simplifying beauty. Through a discrete range of formulas – produced with care, attention and intelligence - Ayuna offers the skin "more" with "less".

Ayuna uses a living water infused with nutrients (like organic grape and lemon) in their products to ensure your skin receives the utmost care and nourishment. They also use stem cells to create photo-peptides (for firmer skin), microbiome-friendly persuasives and essential oils like chamomile and rosemary as fragrance.

Ayuna’s soaps, creams, exfoliants and masks offer visible improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, redness, elasticity and dark spots. (You can see results for sure in 14-28 days.) To compliment their beautiful products, they offer a mindfulness ritual to invite you to slow done and nourish your skin and yourself. 

Exfoliation is essential for the health of your skin. Consider Essence, a high protein cream and oil exfoliation, to gently polish and rejuvenate the skin. For your body, Spirulite cleanses, removes dead skin cells, helps heal ingrown hairs and keratosis pilaris.

For soft, supple skin, hydrate using one of Ayuna’s beautiful creams. Consider Nectar as an ultra light moisturizer. It helps with the production of vitamin D and has the powerful antioxidant red algae. Cream Three is the richest of the creams and includes cannabis stem cells and is vegan. 

Another innovative idea by Ayuna is the idea of skin fasting. If you love a brand but are finding that it does not work for you anymore, consider using the soap and cream for a weekend, week or month. Then, go back to your favorite  brand and you will find that it works effectively for you! 



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