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Ebi : organic, plant-based, postpartum care

Ebi : organic, plant-based, postpartum care

Ebi (which means family in Yoruba) is rooted in the postpartum traditions of catering to the needs of new mothers by encouraging and supporting their well-being with nourishing and effective care. They support healthy postpartum experiences for mothers by making self-care during the postpartum period approachable. 

We love Ebi’s products and think you will too! Ebi shows consideration for our people and planet by choosing ingredients with integrity and by creating a streamlined, effective line that encourages one to make space for their needs. After all, the way we show up for ourselves impacts how we show up for others.

We love Ebi for their attention to organic ingredients. The bulk of their ingredients come from small family farms in the Northeast. The chamomile flowers in the tea are grown in Vermont, the sea salt in the bath is harvested in Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast of Massachusetts. There ingredients come together by hand in Ebi’s Boston studio.



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