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Fermentation-powered skincare

Fermentation-powered skincare

I am so excited to introduce Biophile to the store. Biophile, meaning lover of living things, combines the power of bio-fermentation and nature to create sustainable, pro-microbiome skincare that works. After trying their line, the most consistent feedback I hear is “wow, my skin feels so soft”!

Their formulas work with your biology to reveal your healthiest skin. Each formula is built around Biotic Broths powered by probiotic bacteria and botanicals, fungi and superfoods in a unique bio-fermentation process that results in easily absorbed, nutrient-dense broths that support your skin’s microbiome.

The broths are then combined with advanced actives and bio-based ingredients to create products that work with the natural biology of your skin. Skin is transformed to look healthier, smoother and more radiant. Additional benefits include a more balanced skin microbiome, reinforced barrier integrity, less wrinkles and decreased pigmentation. 

Curious about Biophile? Try their Explorer Trio or introduce their Refining Essence to your existing skincare ritual! 


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