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Person holds bottle of highlighter with dropper dripping product.

Highlight Your Beautiful Skin

Highlighter for the spring/summer - it’s an easy way to add natural radiance! I love that the highlighters by Maya Chia and 27 Rosiers are great for all skin types and all skin tones. These thoughtful formulas nourish in addition to highlighting your skin!

Maya Chia offers Highlight of the Day Illuminating Serum that has a pearlized mineral sheen and nutrient-dense ingredients like chia seed oil, broccoli seed oil and calendula flower extract. Favorites at the shop are The Happy Hour as it imparts a cool-toned pink radiance and Afternoon Delight that gives a peachy-pink golden glow. Apply a drop or two to your cheekbones, eyelids and collarbone or mix with your tinted moisturizer to create an overall glow. You can also consider adding it to your body moisturizer to add some shimmer to your décolleté and arms, for example. 

27 Rosiers offers Extra/Ordinaire Skin Illuminator with rich mineral pigments, vitamin C and plant based collagen. These ingredients work together to brighten, moisturize and add extra glow to your skin. This line is a collaboration between 27 Rosiers and makeup artist Miss Fame. Offered in three shades : White-Hot Gold, Incandescent Rose and Brilliant Bronze, these highlighters work great together. Miss Fame suggests mixing Incandescent Rose and Brilliant Bronze on your cheeks and using White-Hot Gold under the eyebrows. You can also consider diluting these highlighters with your moisturizer for a more subtle glow. 

Both Highlight of the Day and Extra/Ordinaire are formulated to nourish your skin and boost your radiance. These products are perfect on their own or to layer. Try them out this spring/summer! Have fun and enjoy! 

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