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Moon Mother Hemp

Moon Mother Hemp

Moon Mother Hemp grows USDA-certified organic hemp on their family-run farm near Boulder, Colorado. They believe in sustainable, biodynamic and environmentally responsible farming practices. In other words, their hemp is grown with care and intention.

Hemp is cultivated for CBD, the seeds and fiber to turn into tinctures, bath soaks and more. CBD is a naturally occurring, non-psychotropic cannabinoid compound found in the resinous flower and leaves of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine. It is a safe, non-addictive substance and one of 113 phytocannabinoids, which are unique to cannabis and give the plant with its therapeutic profile. 

Cannabinoids can be either consumed (phytocannabinoids) or produced naturally by the body (endocannabinoid). They interact with the body’s central regulatory system in different ways. This system manages homeostasis and affects bodily processes such as appetite, mood, memory, sleep and immune system functions.

CBD products come in several different forms. Each type of CBD product has a different bioavailability, meaning the percentage of product that enters and is absorbed by the body. CBD has less than 100% bioavailability because some of the CBD becomes unavailable for reasons like being broken down before it enters the bloodstream. Each method of CBD oil has a range of bioavailability. Everyone processes CBD differently, so it may take some experimentation to find the ideal form for you. 

Ottilia offers tinctures and topicals by Moon Mother Hemp. Tinctures are concentrated and processed liquid form of CBD. To use, take a dropper and place the oil under your tongue so it can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Topicals (such as oils, serums, lotions) deliver benefits through the skin and are designed for targeted applications. They can help you sleep or relax your muscles.


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