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Choose green beauty!

Choose green beauty!

What we use and how we use it affects ourselves, our neighbors and our planet. Choosing non-toxic skincare and cleaning products wherever you can will positively affect our community.

Our skin is our largest organ and any products that touch our skin can seep into our bloodstream, thereby affecting our health. Products like shampoo, face wash, toothpaste and cleaning products can be rinsed down the drain, thereby affecting our community health and planet. Choosing products that champion organic ingredients and renewable resources offer a gentler, more sustainable option for our health and our planet's health. 

Starting small will ensure an easier transition to green beauty. If you finish a bottle of facial cleanser, for example, replace that with a product like Ursa Major's Fantastic Face Wash. Consider skipping the face wash in the morning if you used it the night before or skip it completely and just cleanse with water.

Going makeup free is also a beautiful way to simplify your routine even if you use non-toxic makeup. Another option? Consider skipping one product in your makeup routine. 

Using jojoba oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer can be so hydrating and cost effective. If it interests you, making your own skincare and cleaning products at home is an extremely powerful way to support a holistic lifestyle.  

Ultimately, using less, simplifying your routine and choosing ingredients that support your wellbeing will positively change your health and our community's health. 

* Pictured products by Echo Vie.

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