Choose green beauty!

Choose green beauty!

What we use and how we use it affects ourselves, our neighbors and our Earth. Using non-toxic skincare and cleaning products wherever you can greatly affects our community. Starting small will ensure an easier transition. If it interests you, making your own skincare and cleaning products at home is an extremely powerful way to support a holistic lifestyle.  

For inspiration, here are some websites you may like to consult when considering ways to shift lifestyle choices. These include ideas for clothing, makeup, skincare and cleaning products. 

Resources for mindful living by the Chicago artist, Allie Kushnir.  

 - Candice Tay’s blog on slow living & fashion.  

 - For green living and ethical fashion on Petra Alexandra’s blog

 - Learn more about clean beauty and why it’s important here

 - Zero Waste resources.

 - The Good Trade is full of ideas on conscious fashion, green beauty, travel, food and wellness.  

* Pictured products by Echo Vie.