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Products at Ottilia

Products at Ottilia

Products at Ottilia are made with naturally-derived, wildcrafted and/or organic ingredients.

Why? Because these ingredients are gentler on our bodies and on our planet. The nontoxic skincare is crafted by people who hold a reverence for both humans and Mother Earth. 

Naturally-derived ingredients refer to ingredients that come from plant or mineral but have been processed and/or combined with other ingredients which may be synthetic. Synthetic ingredients do not exist naturally; they are new molecules. In some cases, synthetic ingredients can be more sustainable than natural ingredients. 

Wildcrafted ingredients are those that are taken from plants with doing as little damage to the plant as possible. Meaning only the fruit, flowers or seeds are carefully removed, leaving the plant healthy and intact. 

Organic ingredients are those that were grown using no pesticides. The USDA regulates the term organic. If a cosmetic product contains 95-100% organic agricultural material, it may be eligible for the USDA seal. According to the California Organic Products Act of 2003, products sold as organic must contain at least 70% organic material. If the product contains less than 70% organic material, then the company may note which ingredients are certified organic on the ingredient list, but not on the front label.

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