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Simplicity Guides Us Back into Balance

As we steep into this fall season, we watch nature release colors, leaves and more. We are called to release as well. Calling in rituals that uphold less is more as virtue. This season, I invite you to use simplicity as your guide back to balance.

Frée + True offers products to help you do so! The cleanser, Soft Power, is ideal for sensitive skin. This powerhouse essential oil free cleaning powder and exfoliant in one is packed with vitamins and minerals to clean and gently reveal soft skin.

Follow with the hydrating, sensitive-skin safe Rablin Rose Serum. This serum is made of rose water, hyaluronic acid and white tea to soothe thirsty skin. 

You may also choose to hydrate using Balanced Being cream over your serum or simply use after cleansing. This a barrier restoring cream is formulated to be an end-of-day reboot for skin. Rose of jericho, niacinamide and haritaki fruit work together to impart a dewy veil of moisture.

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