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Support Your Skin

Support Your Skin

These colder temperatures may contribute to changes in our skin! To better support your skin this season, consider one of these ideas - add a face mist to your routine, exfoliate and/or layer your skincare and body care products. 

Adding a face mist to your ritual is hydrating and feels so good! A face mist primes your skin to better absorb products applied afterwards. Consider spraying it directly onto your face or using a reusable bamboo round for a more concentrated approach. A face mist can also be used throughout the day to freshen up! 

Exfoliate! Sloughing away dead skin cells helps your skin welcome hydrating products more effectively. Exfoliate your body using a washcloth or body scrub one to two times per week! 

Layer! Consider layering your face or body oil with a lotion or balm. Just like we layer clothing in the colder months to keep us warm, layering our skincare can help keep our skin feel soft and hydrated. 

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