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  • New Fall Arrivals

    New Fall Arrivals

    Discover the latest additions to the shop!  Palermo Body Coconut Soap : This soap is perfect for sensitive, dry skin as ingredients like moisturizing coconut milk and oatmeal work together...

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  • Ayuna Less is Beauty

    Ayuna Less is Beauty

    The best beauty routine is achieved when you feel the beauty and sacredness in all that you use. It does not mean more, it means cherishing the essentials. Ayuna is...

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  • Hydrate Summer Skin with Quench My Thirst

    Hydrate Summer Skin with Quench My Thirst

    Quench My Thirst by 27 Rosiers is an oil-free moisturizer, perfect for the warmer temps! It has a light texture and absorbs effortlessly. Quench My Thirst soothes your skin’s microbiome...

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  • Biophile Sale!

    Biophile Sale!

    “All living things have a life cycle. They are born, they grow some may reproduce and then with time, they move on.” This excerpt is from a a recent message by...

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  • Person holds bottle of highlighter with dropper dripping product.

    Highlight Your Beautiful Skin

    Highlighter for the spring/summer - it’s an easy way to add natural radiance! I love that the highlighters by Maya Chia and 27 Rosiers are great for all skin types and...

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  • To manicures that look good, and honor your nail health!

    To manicures that look good, and honor your nail health!

    The brands at the store choose their ingredients and packaging with great care. Another thing they all have in common is the unique stories behind their products. Enter Lauren from...

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  • Terra & Co Enriches Oral Care

    Terra & Co Enriches Oral Care

    Female-founded Terra & Co introduced a clean, sustainable line of oral care with products like Brilliant Black Dental Floss and Gentle Green Oil Pulling. Founder Amra shared that she created...

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  • Aura Mini Bundles

    Aura Mini Bundles

    The Cleanse and Nourish bundle includes Inner Balance Restorative Powder and Coconut Marine Collagen. These two supplements combine to help you regulate your cortisol levels and stay resilient. Inner Balance...

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  • Fermentation-powered skincare

    Fermentation-powered skincare

    I am so excited to introduce Biophile to the store. Biophile, meaning lover of living things, combines the power of bio-fermentation and nature to create sustainable, pro-microbiome skincare that works....

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  • Testament Beauty Masks

    Testament Beauty Masks

    One of my favorite things to add to a routine is a mask! Why? All you need is a mask, 15-20 minutes and you’ll see instant results. This rings especially...

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  • Fresh Face for the New Year!

    Fresh Face for the New Year!

    For a fresh face, you need to cleanse. I think we all love a cleanser that gently washes away dirt and leaves our skin feeling soft. The Fight Grime Cleanser,...

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  • Ottilia x Beautycounter

    Ottilia x Beautycounter

    Thursday, October 14th join Beautycounter rep, Brittany Lynn at the shop to learn more about clean beauty and browse some of her favorite clean beauty swaps. In addition, exclusive Beautycounter...

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