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  • Embodiment Candles by Apothenne

    Embodiment Candles by Apothenne

    “Embodiment is the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.” Apothenne of Los Angeles created embodiment candles to invite feelings of freedom growth, sacredness and strength. ...

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  • Terra & Co Enriches Oral Care

    Terra & Co Enriches Oral Care

    Female-founded Terra & Co introduced a clean, sustainable line of oral care with products like Brilliant Black Dental Floss and Gentle Green Oil Pulling. Founder Amra shared that she created...

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  • Products that help you feel the love!

    Products that help you feel the love!

    Here are some of my favorite products to share with your loved ones - be that your partner or your friend - these make such thoughtful gifts! First up, the...

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  • Take this shopper to the Farmers Market with you!

    Take this shopper to the Farmers Market with you!

    Ottilia carries shoppers by Heddle & Lamm. They are handmade in farming villages in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana. They are woven from durable elephant grass. If the basket gets out...

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  • TWR Auction

    Together We Raise

    Together We Raise organizes digital fundraisers that connect organizations, brands and compassionate individuals to create collective impact. The latest auction benefits Todo Por Mi Familia  who is working to locate...

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  • Whimsical Designs by Christi Ahee

    Whimsical Designs by Christi Ahee

    After taking a wheel throwing class during college in 2011, Christi fell in love with ceramics. She continued to work with clay as a hobby, until 2014 when she began working...

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  • Honor your nature with Chani

    Honor your nature with Chani

    Chani Nicholas is a Canadian astrologer with a unique perspective on astrology. Chani's horoscopes read as affirmations. She is the first astrologer to encourage one to read both the horoscope...

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  • Coffee break

    Coffee break

    Routine can be a really valuable thing. However, taking a break from your routine can also be worthwhile. Skipping your morning coffee can be a welcomed pause for your nervous...

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  • Self-care = community care

    Self-care = community care

    Human health relies on community. By caring about the quality of what we put in and on our bodies, we not only improve our wellness, but that of those who...

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  • Featured maker - Allie Kushnir

    Featured maker - Allie Kushnir

    Designing in Chicago, Allie brings her artistic skills and keen sense of ethical practices to all of her products. She makes stationary, pillows, mini zip pouches and prints. In addition to...

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  • Featured Maker - Little Fire Ceramics

    Featured Maker - Little Fire Ceramics

    Jessica Egan is a warm, dedicated person and it comes through in all of her work. The name of her ceramics company honors her family name. In Gaelic, the name...

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