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Let’s Prioritize What Feels Good

Let’s Prioritize What Feels Good

Autumn asks us to simplify and honor what truly nourishes us. What makes you feel truly nourished? Is it a walk with a friend? A hydrating face mask? A warm drink? I invite you to consider what makes you calm and cozy and to prioritize it this season. 

Lighting a candle and cozying up with a warm beverage always makes me feel good. You too? Our candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio bring the most beautiful blends to life. From Cardamom to Santal to Fern + Moss, you are sure to find one that you adore. 

Cooler weather calls for warmer beverages, in my opinion. Warm your hands and your being around this caffeine free saffron latte. Saffron’s clinically-backed benefits range from a mood booster, skin-soother, and immune system supporter. Blend Warm Feelings with water or your favorite milk. 

A nourishing mask that works while you sleep!? Yes please! The Moroccan Chamomile Sleeping Mask combines reparative enzymes with plant-based peptides to illuminate and help calm irritation — all while you sleep.

Let’s prioritize what feels good. 

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