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Hello Beautiful Community! I truly miss seeing you at the storefront. I loved talking with you about life and products! After a major life change, I have been taking some time to navigate these unknown waters. This time has asked me to re-examine how I care for myself. I think products (and maybe just one perfect product!) can reshape your ritual and how you connect with yourself and your body. However, a mask or body scrub is not the only way we demonstrate self-care. Taking care of oneself could mean a walk, a therapy session or three minutes of cat cow. It means so many different things for so many different people. I think the important thing is to recognize that thing and take time to follow through. Allow yourself the space to care. 

For me, through this challenging time, care means community. I am so overwhelmed with happiness and love when I think of the shop community, the Arlington Heights community, my family and friends. Thank you for holding me when I did not know how to do so for myself. Thank you for your love and support. Wishing you the most lovely holiday season! 

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