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Luma & Leaf : doing the best for our skin, our people & our world

Luma & Leaf : doing the best for our skin, our people & our world

So excited for this super cute, clean and effective skincare line! Luma & Leaf delivers plant-powered, radiant beauty—without harmful ingredients. Their formulas are vegan and botanical-based, creating space for skincare magic to happen. From broad spectrum whole-plant CBD to their Greenhouse Blend, their products are infused with good ingredients. 

Luma & Leaf’s Greenhouse Blend includes a blend of hyaluronic acid plus botanicals (like elderflower, chamomile, dandelion and green tea) to help hydrate and smooth skin. (You can find these ingredients in the Hydraglow Cleansing Gel, Afterglow Serum & Luminous Light Moisturizer!)

Other key ingredients in their formulas include AHAs aka alpha hydroxy acids which help resurface skin for improved texture and even tone. 

You’ll also find niacinamide in their products which helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and brighten skin. (Find it in the Clear Slate Serum & the Relief & Repair Moisturizer!)

Luma & Leaf created skincare formulated for hydrated, nourished, hey-good-looking skin. Their line is simple, sensitive-safe and made with plants so you can nurture your skin naturally. 

Interested in trying Luma & Leaf? Bring in a small container and we will make you a sample to try at home! 

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