Body Plane


This tool is inspired by the rituals of ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses. Strigils were metal scraping tools used for oil cleansing from head to toe. The body plane is a modern take on the strigil. It is crafted from premium teak wood and stainless steel which is naturally antibacterial. The body plane leaves skin soothed and smoothed.

Ritual: immediately after your bath or shower apply body oil from head to toe. Using medium to strong pressure, glide the body plane over damp, oiled skin towards the torso. Focusing on arms and legs scrape away dead skin and dirt with long, steady, upward strokes maintaining a moderate pressure. Wipe the the body plane clean as needed with a clean, cotton cloth or tissue. Use softer pressure and shorter strokes on chest and torso. In order for the body plane to work properly, make sure your skin is damp and softened. If skin is fully dry it will be difficult to remove the surface skin and dirt even with oil.