Terracotta Plantable Candle


Meet a classic, luxury candle with a sustainable, multi-purpose lifespan. This hand-poured, soy-based candle is a natural blend of lemon balm, white honey and coriander notes. With its warm herbaceous aroma, this candle is ideal for burning tub side, in the heart of your kitchen or in your bedroom. Each candle is housed in a heavy-weight custom made terracotta colored vessel and made in the USA. The enclosed dust cover is comprised of handmade seed paper with lemon balm herb seeds embedded inside. Each candle has approximately 65-75 hours of burn time. In addition, each candle also comes with a compressed soil pod to plant your seed paper. All you have to do is add water, and the soil magically expands.

Ritual: This candle-turned-planter is a true zero-waste product. When the candle is fully burned, tear the included seed paper - our unique with lemon balm herb seeds embedded inside into small pieces. Unwrap the enclosed soil pod, place it inside the terracotta vessel, add water and bury the seed paper under a small layer of soil.  Once your lemon balm grows you can steep the fresh leaves in a cup of boiling water for a calming cup of tea.